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Thank you for visiting my website! I hope my work brings you happiness and pride in yourself. I create each piece with a good heart & mind. Please come visit again soon! 

Ione Chimburas



My name is Ione Skye Chimburas. I am an artist from the Nez Perce Indian Reservation in Idaho. I am Nez Perce, Northern Ute, and Santee Sioux. I like to represent each of my tribes in many different pieces of my work. My work contains beadwork, parfleche, tattooing, custom designs, etc. I was taught to bead when I was younger by my family members. I never really had taken the time to embrace it, until I had my son. I wanted to be able to provide for him in every way possible. I wanted to be able to pass down the knowledge and ability to create things  yourself to my son. I take pride in being able to teach him all that I can.

I love being able to bring happiness to others with my artistry. Creating brings me peace and makes me feel connected to where I come from. Creating helps me learn patience and to only put good things into what I do. I am truly blessed to be able to provide and give to others. I hope my work finds you in good health and good spirits. Turgrayuch!

Culturally Inspired

Ione draws inspiration from her tribal roots, staying true to what she believes in & what has been passed on to her.

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